SHOW REVIEW: Mosquito returns home from tour! [Photos & Video Footage Included]

We’ve been seeing a lot of activity from Mosquito in the last few months. They released an EP called Our Mommies Dropped Us Off — a phenomenal EP, by the way, they’ve been playing a ton of local shows, and they just got back from tour. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — this band is going to do some big things.

On tour with Dana Skully & the Tiger Sharks they hit Indy, Ypsilanti, Springfield, Columbus, Chicago, and finally back home to play their final tour show at OPEN Community Arts Center.

Can I just say that that show was nothing but pure gold? You could tell that Mosquito was still amped up from having gone on their first tour. As usual, they were the humble musicians giving it their all on their last day of tour. I caught pictures of several smiles and high energy Tuesday night, which are by far my favorite to capture. Their energy was positively contagious. I’ve been to damn near every single Mosquito show since I have been able to walk again, but this one was by far the best one to date.

The room was an echo of Mosquito lyrics, a sound that always makes me smile and gives me chills. I can only imagine how it felt for Mosquito to know that so many people not only went to the show, but knew them well enough to shout out their lyrics in a backup chorus of gold. I know I felt exhilarated through the entire show. One I almost missed due to exhaustion. I wasn’t exhausted anymore after this show. That was purely energizing. I’m not sure how anyone in the room wasn’t at least tapping their foot.

Shoutout to the coolest kid around, Danny! Amy Yabao brought her kiddo to see his favorite band live since it was an all ages show. That kid’s eyes were permanently transfixed on Brian drumming the entire time. Keep playing your drums, kiddo. You’re a badass. (Don’t repeat that word.)


Check out a few photos I got from the show below:

Beau Kaelin got video footage of this masterpiece of a show, so be sure to go check that out ASAP. Get your Mosquito fix. And a thank you to Beau, for doing his thing at as many shows he can. Tons of respect, dude.

For fun, I was able to catch up with Brian, Zach, and Dave to talk a little bit about tour. Zach and Brian let me know the best things about tour and Dave talked about some of the best shows they played on tour. I asked each of the three bandmates one question: “What was the best thing about tour?”

Dave Lindsey: I thought the Chicago show was the best. It was a tiny hot and sweaty garage. But once the music started it didn’t matter. Everyone was on point that night. Just shows all you need is good music friends and a few cool people to have a great show.

Zach Nelson: Honestly just how welcoming everyone was to have 6 sweaty, smelly punks sleep in their living rooms. Chicago and Ypsi especially it was very easy to feel at home with how kind and hospitable all the housemates were. Dana always made sure to leave everyone a note thanking them after we left in the morning.

Brian Burchett: Just being able to play for people we don’t know and see them actually enjoy it and give us feedback. Also traveling in the van with 5 of your friends with the same mission.

I can’t wait for Mosquito’s next tour. I’ll for sure be following them around with my camera! They’re taking a breather for now and won’t be playing again until Poorcastle, so be sure to go support some awesome local music!