MUSIC VIDEO: base – “black box / remorse code” (prod. by kudzu)

Get grimy today with the newest video from ya boi base, a dirty as fuck, rap gothic noir vibe. What base does so well is encapsulate that feeling of paranoia and anxiety that comes with a major comedown, like waking up disoriented after an all too brief nap when you’ve been day drinking. With black box/remorse code, the vocals are pitched down so many octaves that you’d swear Satan was crooning an evil rap, spitting straight hellfire into your soul.

The lyrical content is bleak, a staccato refrain of violence and pain that easily reflects the 24 hour news cycle, in a wash, rinse, repeat type of way. This is heavy, with the sub-iest of sub bass, plodding and growling low, the notes barely held together in time and space. Cutting through that murk are shimmering bells and slow hand trap work, the kind of thing you might blast out of your car driving down Preston late one sticky Friday night, like an arcane David Banner as filtered through a visceral Lynchian horror.

The video mirrors that darkness, high contrast shots in a cemetery with base himself lording over a mausoleum. Like his voice, the footage is chopped and screwed, an ever moving landscape of static and haze. Somewhere in that bog is a creeping doom, a performance of seemingly random gestures that are sure to conjure up a portal to the nether realm. Watch below and embrace those Eldritch vibes.