SHOW REVIEW: Jenna reflects on her experience watching Pleasure Boys at Zanzabar 6/21 [Photo Set Included]

Okay, so I’d never seen Pleasure Boys live until they played at Zanzabar on Thursday, June 21, 2018. Pleasure Boys was full of fun energy and even better tunes. Why haven’t I seen them live before again? I have no idea.

Pleasure Boys, which according to their Bandcamp page are originally from Pleasureville, KY (nice ode to your hometown, ya’ll) came to Louisville in 2015 to start working with the label auralgamiSOUNDS. I’m so glad they did. Their track “The Earth is Fucking Round” is a masterpiece; the juxtaposition of laid back, chill vibes with lyrics like, “And no, the world does not fucking revolve around you.” HA! Yes. Bravo, Pleasure Boys, bravo.

The band took the stage and I was immediately excited. I heard about them playing at Zanzabar late and immediately reached out to see about shooting them. Their music was on loop the entire time I waited to be cleared into this show.

The first song I recognized was “Waking Up (From Someone Else’s Dream)”. I love this song, I love Pleasure Boys. Going from slow-and-steady to in-your-face to oh-shit-I’ve-got-to-move is one of my favorite things musicians do with their sound. That build up is gold and Pleasure Boys has certainly mastered the drama it creates. Playing that as their first song created an anticipation I felt in my bones.

I fully expected them to play “Shadows” but I didn’t expect it would be that fucking beautiful live. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but I certainly got goosebumps during it. That bass line in the beginning gets me pumped every time I hear it. And Wake Up is by far my favorite song by them. Seeing them play that live was an experience all in itself.

Unfortunately I had to miss seeing Young Widows who were slotted to headline the show but I’m sure that they were great. I had never really listened to Young Widows before, but after Phil told me to check them out pre-show, I listened to Old Wounds. I’ll have to mention how sad I am that I had to miss them playing because that album is phenomenal.

Check out some photos I snagged during Pleasure Boys’ set below: