Listen to Phil & Syd spin records and chat with Joey Mudd on The Deep End!

Last week, Phil and Syd had the pleasure of being guests on The Deep End, a weekly radio show ran by Joey Mudd on WXOX 97.1FM aka ARTxFM. We were invited to bring a few of our favorite Louisville-centric records (new and old) as this particular episode fully concentrated on music from the Derby City (with maybe one exception). In between blocks we discussed the songs we were listening to, and gave a bit of insight to what we at Never Nervous are all about. Thematically, we went where the conversation took us. Early in the show we play songs relating to sports, then we jump into a punk rock segment, then later switching gears to some classic indie rock. 

The Deep End with Joey Mudd airs weekly on Wednesdays from 8-10PM. Listen to the episode in it’s entirety below.

Here’s a complete track list:

The Carnations – “Puncuation”
The Rythmatics – “Drag”
The Premiers – “Ali Shuffle”
Nashville Tribute Band – “Cardinal Fever”
Rick Bartlett and Bobby Lanz Band – “Catch That Cardinal Spirit”
Ego with Jerry Green – “The Cardinals From The ‘Ville”
Straight A’s – “Brand X”
Ousia – “Nickle Lip Service”
Red Sun – “A Viper’s Way”
Body Hammer – “One Day Notice”
Poor Girls – “2 Much 2 Ask”
Antman – “Hate”
Babylon Dance Band – “Golden Days”
Kaliedico – “Cache Master”
Hueon – “Persistence Of Memory”
Strike City – “Social Faux Pas”
Slint – “Glenn”
Shutaro Noguchi – “Snowman ‘H'”
The Quiz – “Hot Ass Sundown”
Dr. Dundiff – “Broken Nail”
Shipping News – “Paper Lanterns – Zero Return”
Jerry Lawler & The Diversions – “Mean Streak”