SONG OF THE DAY: Dollahz Ova Hoez/Deph By Stereo Ear Epics – “Fly Free”

Not sure what to think about the emcee moniker Dollahz Ova Hoez, if only that I’m never a fan of making the ladies feel unwelcome (or anyone), so I want to get that out up front, but that said, this track is fucking dope. Not sure though, if the homie rapping here goes by that or Deph By Stereo Ear Epics, or if maybe that’s just his production title, but that’s a cool ass name all the same.

The production here has shades of classic Stones Throw, a dash of Dilla, a little MF Doom, which makes for a colorful low-key throw back banger. The sample here are regal and sound pulled from an over-confident cartoon, which adds a sense of whimsy to the mix. The rhymes here flow great, and make you feel as free to fly as the chorus encourages. This is roll-the-windows-down music, music to put on at a party to keep the energy up, but light all the same. This is posted up in the shade on a day with a light breeze music, the kind that just makes you feel alright.

Feel that too and dig into soft jam below.