LISTEN: Leopold Zimmerman – “We’re All In Flames”

There is a pastoral serenity to We’re All In Flames by Leopold Zimmerman that has a kind of soft, AM Gold touch. You can hear a little Ben Folds here or even Sufjan Stevens, bands perfectly comfortable with intimate compositions and full on orchestration all the same. As such, Zimmerman succeeds in creating a rich platform for his voice, which he presents here in choral arrangements, a la Polyphonic Spree, a joyful ode to melody. You can feel Zimmerman’s zeal for the studio, replete with all the flourishes and full glory that that allows, tracks stacked on tracks for a dense and complex palate of sound. There is a resplendent joy to the music, even in spite of the darker break that carries the middle portion of the song, a 70’s prog-rock change that owes a little to Peter Gabrielera Genesis as much as any of the aforementioned sounds. There is a lot going on here and a lot of layers to appreciate as you give this a listen, from gentle, No Surprise-esque glockenspiel notes, to piano and organ sounds, and even a tasteful guitar solo. 

Listen below and get into it.