REVIEW: Touch A.C. & Filthy Rich – “Doomsday Sun”

Touch A.C. & Filthy Rich
Doomsday Sun

For me, hip hop as a genre can get a little smooth around the edges with too many catchy hooks and ass-shaking beats. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate those sort of hot tracks, because I absolutely do — I’m only saying that sometimes I need my rap to be a little grimier and not so god damned cute. Thankfully, Doomsday Sun offers the complete polar opposite of what you might think of when it comes to modern hip hop. Serving as the follow-up to their first collaboration Satan’s On His Way And He Want’s His Drugs, the latest EP from Touch A.C and Filthy Rich hits me like a spicy atom bomb that helps keep Louisville hip hop interesting for me personally.

Filthy Rich reached deep, deep down into the muck, grasped Touch A.C.’s boney hand, and pulled him out of the darkness in order to collectively produce one of the baddest fucking hip hop records I’ve heard in a while. It’s no secret that we at Never Nervous love Filthy’s edgy production style, and we’ve also made it known how much we love Touch’s unique approach as an emcee. The two of them together are a match made in heaven, or hell. Together they wreck all sorts of shit, not unlike Mickey and Mallory from Natural Born Killers (feel free to use these songs as an alternate soundtrack).

My favorite track is most definitely “The King”, a hard hitting banger that effectively pronounces Touch’s claim to the Louisville hip hop throne. The post-apocalyptic beat is on point, and the delivery of rhymes is as smooth as it is clever. In case you were wondering, this is my favorite song from 2018 thus far.

Another standout is “Spiral” which plays out like a Nightmare On Elm Street-esque bad dream. Touch A.C. is your Freddy Krueger as he spits napalm from start to finish while Filthy’s beat will likely put you in a sleepy trance, so be sure to have plenty of hypnocil on hand.

Listen to Doomsday Sun in its entirety below via Bandcamp (it’s also streaming on Spotify):