REVIEW: Baby Bones – “The Curse of the Crystal Teeth”

Baby Bones
The Curse of the Crystal Teeth
Gubbey Records

Who doesn’t like a great rock ‘n’ roll album? The Curse of the Crystal Teeth is just that, at least in simple terms. Baby Bones are not quite punk rock and not quite metal, and as a result the phrase “rock ‘n’ roll” almost feels demeaning to what they truly are. To me they are a bit of Motorhead mixed with a touch of Queens of the Stone Age, with some sprinkles of Black Flag. So yes, this album fucking rocks.      

If you’re looking to bang your head, look no further than the track, “We’re Done Talking.” This song’s hook is an absolute earworm that will surface in your brain at a time when you least expect it. Maybe that is the curse that the album title refers to, a group of songs that will never leave your brain (maybe also something to do with meth).

Baby Bones also seem angry in a very punk rock sort of way. Songs like “Pay Us in Dimes” and “Bottom Breather,” while somewhat vague in their message, definitely radiate a “fuck the government” vibe. Honestly, do you need anything else in your music right now? Our President wants to buy a high rise condo in North Korea with a great view of the starving people. Fuck the government.

The Curse of the Crystal Teeth is a head-bopping, tear some shit up, raucous punk rock ‘n’ roll almost metal album. It’s the type of music that will make you catch yourself driving 90 in a 55. It’s raw, heavy, unstoppable, and short. Just when every song has fully ripped your brain out of it’s skull the album ends leaving you wanting more. Or you can just do what I did and start back over at the first track.

Listen to The Curse of the Crystal Teeth in its entirety below.