Ten of our Favorite Songs Halfway Through 2018

Every year, the seasons seem to turn faster than the year before, and now that we’re already halfway through 2018, we thought it’d be fun to turn around and look back at a few of our favorite tunes from the last six months. NO, these aren’t the best ten songs of the year, just a few of our favorites that we especially liked thus far. Read on as the Never Nervous staff collectively pulls the curtain back and talks about a few hot tracks that really really really really turn us on — listen to them, then add them to your favorite playlist! 

TOUCH A.C. – “The King”
Covered in muck and reeking of gasoline and burnt dog hair, this track has the usual post-apocalyptic vibe we’ve come to know and love from producer Filthy Rich. Touch dives into this beat head first with relentless rhyme after mind bending line referencing everything from Rick Flair to minotaurs as he offers another menacing effort that proves that he just might indeed be The King. Maybe my favorite song of 2018 thus far. -Phil Olympia


GRLWOOD – “Communicate with Me”
“Communicate with Me” is what I call, “hauntingly beautiful.” If this song doesn’t give you the feels, then nothing will. This song is a go-to for me when I need to think, relax, and just be caught up in someone’s music. The slow and dramatic lead up gets me every time. Her voice is definitely a favorite of mine. -Jenna Madonia


JAYE JAYLE – “Cemetery Rain”
This is my #1 track from 2018 so far. “Cemetery Rain” is sung in a higher register than every other Jaye Jayle song, and the effect of this singing is a much creepier and catchier song. Much like the Pleasure Boys track I chose, this song is also very hypnotic. Am I going through a phase? -Jake Hellman


YONS – “Inspiration”
Want to hear a track with every player, every note in the right place? Hit up “Inspiration” by Yons, an aptly named track that is both mission statement and aspiration. Joined here by 1200 and Jordan Jetson, Yons hits y’all with that Space Campaign goodness, for a summer time jam that you put on while sitting on the porch, hanging tight with that special someone, sipping something tasty, watching lightning bugs and just vibing out. There is an excellent energy here that gets you mellow hyped, which is to say moved, but not necessarily moving. Roll your windows down and coast. -Syd Bishop


MOSQUITO – “Red Hot Silly Peppers”
“Red Hot Silly Peppers,” first of all, is the best song name ever. This song hits me on a personal level with lyrics like, “Dizzy, shaky, and I’m distant. Can you just give me a minute?” What person with anxiety cannot relate to that? Not to mention the pace of this song gets me tapping my foot and into the music — the ultimate goal for music to me. -Jenna Madonia


This track is a raucous jam with a hypnotic bassline. It will put you in a trance if you’re not careful. Every so often, lead singer McKinley Moore shocks you back into reality with his incomparable shouting vocals. This is top notch driving music. -Jake Hellman


JORDAN JETSON – “My Shooter”
This is an infectious toe-tapper with a feel-good vibe that lyrically cites Jordan’s appreciation for his significant other, or as he refers to her: “My Shooter”. Supplement any good time with this single, that is if you’re into enjoying yourself to the fullest extent of human ability. The verses are dope, the hook is catchy as hell, and the dance-inducing beat is contagious enough infect even the worst sour puss with euphoric delirium. -Phil Olympia


FOTOCRIME – “The Rose and the Thorn”
I know “Don’t Pity The Young” is basically the single that Fotocrime is pushing, and I love that song, but I’m giving you a deep cut right now. “The Rose and the Thorn” is my favorite track from their debut album “Principle of Pain” because it has the catchiest guitar hook ever. Plus it sounds like a story about missing your girl from the road and I can totally relate. -Jake Hellman

BY THE GRACE OF GOD – “(Drowning In) White Tides”
The return By the Grace of God didn’t disappoint — this whole damned EP is fantastic, but this is the track that really gets my blood pumping. In classic BTGOG fashion, this song is an uptempo hardcore anthem that’ll make you wanna flip a table and do a backflip out of your 2nd story window. This ain’t a reinvention of the punk rock wheel, but I’ll be damned if there’s anyone out there more capable of putting together this good of a hardcore banger. -Phillip Olympia


SOFT SELF PORTRAITS– “Deep Dream Companion”
With the addition of a drummer and, I believe, possibly some supplemental instrumentation, Soft Self Portraits evolved to the next level this year, with a creamy dream-pop masterpiece in Deep Dream Companion. The song here is relaxing and mild af, a mellow gold melody that guides you through the darkest places. There is a hint of melancholy here, a bittersweetness to the light, but singer Cody Johnson continues to make some of the most compelling and criminally underrated music in the city, and I’m very much looking forward to what comes next. -Syd Bishop


WORTH MENTIONING: As I said before, if you were to ask us to tell you about 10 of our favorite songs from 2017 tomorrow (or any other day), we’d probably come up with a totally different list. Is there a song that you believe we’ve criminally neglected to mention? Hip us to something we’re not familiar with by telling us in the comments!

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    Indecisive by Street Sense is a bop of bops

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