REVIEW: Akashic Archive – “Sleep Music: Overtures For Peaceful Slumber”

Akashic Archive
Sleep Music: Overtures For Peaceful Slumber

Since reading The Ambient Century: From Mahler to Trance: The Evolution of Sound in the Electronic Age, I have longed to create and engage in ambient music, as a much more cerebral or perhaps primal pursuit of sonic bliss. There is an Eno adage, which I refuse to write any longer, that spells out the maxim of the genre, ultimately assigning parameters for the best listening approach. And Eno is an integral figure in the history and flowering of the form, as a punk rock kid, don’t tell me what to do. As such, the Akashic Archive Sleep Music: Overtures For Peaceful Slumber piece is a fascinating listen that rewards on various levels, presented here both as short form listens, and long form meditations to trance out to. Additionally each track comes with a binaural edit, which reveals even further layers to an already sonically dense piece of composition.

Opener In The Arms Of Sleep is quiet and relaxing, your companion in rumination on a rainy day, staring out the window as the world goes by. The second composition, Keys to Slumberland, partially satisfies the titular mission statement, although for my purposes, it skews a bit too “busy” for me to fall off to slumber. Of course, this is meant as a champagne problem, and one that reflects the strengths of the track, that it is somehow too interesting for me to doze off too; I just want more. The horn on Soma offers an unexpected sultry feel that sets it apart from the rest. The remainder of the album is remarkably chill, especially in comparison, replete with an Angelo Badalamenti vibe that is 100% always welcome in my life. The synth work here is lush and sweeping, an embrace of sound that feels familiar and comforting.

This is a truly fantastic album and perfect for zoning out to for hours on end. You won’t notice the time ticking by, but you will feel somehow emptier after you take off your headphones or leave the space that you use to listen, because again, you are made to feel at home as an audience member. Listen below and just let go.