SONG OF THE DAY: Buddy Crime – “PG-13”

The latest single from Buddy Crime (aka William Carpenter, drummer from Anwar Sadat) serves as the perfect soundtrack to getting sucked up by a tractor beam into a flying saucer full of super cool aliens ready to party. “PG-13” is a short, instrumental offering with an otherworldly vibe to it that combines the suave, groovy vibe from Heaven 17 with the soothing, synth from Boards of Canada reminiscent of their 2006 Trans Canada Highway EP. There’s an infectious, toe tapping vibe behind every measure. If the extraterrestrial beings that abducted Travis Walton would have simply played this music as they brought him aboard, he probably would have been a little more open to the experiments they performed on him.

Listen to “PG-13” below, then download it for free (on a name your price basis) via Bandamp.

ALSO THIS: If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out Buddy Crime’s 2017 album LifeStyle Dramatic, one of my favorite albums from last year.