SONG OF THE DAY: Zach Longoria Project – “The Truth”

Never let it be said that the music of Zach Longoria Project lacks ambition. Where his last track, Space, offered a Pink Floyd-esque prog-rock by way of blues sort of thing, with The Truth, Longoria and company offer a barn-burning political screed about, well, just getting along. Longoria appreciates that the very concept of “the truth” is not only under attack, but the division left in that wake is used to confuse and separate people who may otherwise be neighbors or friends.

It’s a salient message for a trouble time, but delivered with conviction and confidence on an absolutely blistering track. There are elements here of classic R&B bombast, horns blazing, and tasteful guitar solos, with sultry vocals as the main attraction. This is heavy music, but infused with a sense of purpose and camaraderie; Longoria wants you to know you’re with friends and you certainly feel it.

Listen below and definitely stick around for the driving solo at the end, which is not only fun, but amps the energy up exponentially, but in a natural way that the song earns. For fans of Fleetwood Mac or Bruce Springsteen.