RECAP: Touch A.C., Tall Squares & Sheri Streeter at The Never Nervous House Show 6/2 [Photos + Video Footage]

To be honest, the motivation behind the original series of Never Nervous House Shows wasn’t solely based upon having bands and artists I love play in my own house, but mostly because we’d hosted them all on Sundays early in the afternoon, which for me personally is the perfect time to get into some killer live tunes. Our latest show, however happened on a Saturday evening, because why the hell not. 

The turnout was huge, no one was a dick, and the vibe overall was incredibly positive. Huge thanks to all of the bands/artists and people involved that made Saturday such a success. We invited as many people as we could fit into  my house, so if you weren’t on the list, maybe next time.

Check out a couple videos below — the first one is of Tall Squares, and the second is of Touch A.C.. I didn’t think to get an extended video of Sheri Streeter, because my “main camera” was inside, and she played outside, and due to the fact that her set was so good, I got lost in the moment.

Check out a few photos taken by Jenna Madonia below. We wanted to get more of Touch A.C., but the room was too dark when he played.