INTERVIEW: Mosquito talks about their new EP, their backstory & their plans for the future!

When I first saw Mosquito at Kaiju back in October, I knew they were about to do some badass shit. Their sound was refreshing, punchy and bold. I immediately wanted to know more about them. Recently I’ve been photographing them quite a bit at shows, and as usual, my interest has piqued each time. I mean, come on, Brian wrote a song about his dog; enough said. Not to mention that, but the sheer talent within this band is astounding. Zach amazes me with his guitar skills and the energy from each member is contagious. Every time I see Dave smiling and moving around enjoying himself, I have to smile myself.

With their recent release of Our Mommies Dropped Us Off, there was no better time to finally do an interview with them. I had to know how the band came together, why they do what they do, and their inspiration. I reached out to see if they’d be down to answer a few questions, and thankfully they came through for me. The band collectively participated in the interview — to add some flavor I sprinkled a few photos I recently took of the band throughout the conversation.

Never Nervous: How did the name Mosquito come about?

Brian: I had this name in my head for a little while before we actually practiced and the first practice sucked, so it was kinda just full circle. 

NN: What’s the backstory behind Mosquito; how did you all meet and decide to form Mosquito?

Zach: I met Brian in an old band I was in like 4 years ago and helped his other band (Good People) record some demos in my basement. We didn’t really know each other at all. I went to see Good People play 2 years later and we were talking and he name dropped all the right bands, so we were in talks about starting an “emo” band. I made a video on Facebook with the riff we used for our song Tower and tagged Brian saying “lets start and emo band” and I just kinda went to his house and we started writing. Dave and Brian are cousins and Dave had been playing bass for a long time prior in a few bands and had similar influences, so we asked him to join one day and everything just worked out really well. 


NN: What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

MOSQUITO: Emo/punk, but it has been described as power pop and slacker rock

NN: Who are your major influences?

MOSQUITO: Algernon Cadwallader, Glocca Morra, Snowing, Cap’n Jazz, DADS, Mountain Asleep, Weezer, and EVERY SINGLE LOCAL BAND WHO DOES THE DAMN THING.

NN: Who does what in the band?

MOSQUITO: Zach plays guitar, Dave plays bass, Brian plays drums, Nate does vox.

NN: You released Our Mommies Dropped Us Off recently; can you tell me about the recording process and inspiration for each song?

BRIAN: The recording process is pretty simple for us, we went to our good friend Zack Stefanski’s house this time around. It was a very comfortable place to record and just feel god about what we were doing. As far as writing, we started on two of the songs while also writing our full length, Bigsquatch, and the last one was Fidlar on the Roof was written only maybe two or three weeks out from recording. The inspiration for each song was just having fun writing songs. They don’t really coincide with each other in anyway. We just liked how they sounded and fit together with each other. 


NN: How has your sound evolved since the start of Mosquito?

MOSQUITO: It hasn’t evolved too much to be honest, we have tried to add members twice and personal stuff just didn’t allow it to happen as we wanted, so the sound has kinda stayed the same. We just want to keep writing catchy music that we all three enjoy.

NN: What do you hope to do with Mosquito in the future; touring, ultimate goal for the band?

“The future and ultimate goal is to, work hard, play hard, fuck god.”

MOSQUITO: Well we’re touring in June with our friends from Indianapolis (Dana Skully and the Tiger Sharks) and that’s something we’ve all wanted to do since playing music, even separately. The future and ultimate goal is to, work hard, play hard, fuck god.

NN: I know you all are going on tour this summer, tell me a little bit about that?

MOSQUITO: For tour were heading kinda north/midwest. Hitting up Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and then back home. Were kinda just winging it in some ways but a major help with all of it has been the homie Dana from the group mentioned above. They kick ass and have helped us so much.


NN: Can we expect any more new tracks this summer?

MOSQUITO: Were in the process of writing some stuff right now but as far as releasing stuff, that will probably be later this year or early next year. Next up is another full length.

NN: What other projects, if any, is everyone in the band working on?

MOSQUITO: Brian is currently working on some new Good People stuff and planning shows around the back half of the year. And Zach had an idea a few months ago to have a bunch of local artists, cover songs from other local artist, record them, and put it out as a Compilation album called STACKED! We won’t go into much detail about but it’s definitely something to get excited for! There’s maybe 15 bands involved so far, and we hopefully plan to have something released around late September or mid October.