SONG OF THE DAY: Kamar Ruvon – “BLACKOUT.” [Prod. by Axel Roley.]

I’m posted up chilling, looking at the world go by on a sunny day and just coasting, sitting here with Kamar Ruvon and Axel Roley making shit right in my ear. Don’t mistake me here: there is a heaviness here to Ruvon’s rhymes, dense and never pulling that punch about the big topics. All said though, Roley’s skill at the board is always a welcome treat, rolling out low-key boppers that never fail to satisfy.

There is a vibe here like Madvillain at their heaviest, a J Dilla kind of thing to the production that is gritty af, but no less tight for it. This is a cold blooded bop that commands you to nod to the beat, a hypnotic and classy joint that makes you feel cooler in its presence.

Listen below and get into it.