PLAYLIST: An Ode to Karate Body

One of the things that we most dig about getting to do what we do, which is a privilege pretty much 100% of the time, is that we get to help rep people you might not get to hear. We get to listen and shine a light when possible on the stuff that we enjoy. As an artist, I can attest to the fact that it unequivocally sucks to create art in a vacuum, where you feel like no one cares at all about what you do or why you do it, which is something I struggle with, because having an big ego is a bad look to my tastes. Still, it’s nice to talk about the things that you love, and music, especially for me, is one of those things. We spend our days talking about the art that someone creates, which is not only a little peek into someone else’s world, but an opportunity for others to add a bit of light into their own. And as I see it, Karate Body did the same thing.

Record labels come and go, but Karate Body did a great job of putting out consistently excellent music. Did they put out all your favorite bands? Hell, I don’t know, but I do know that they didn’t have that kind of cash sitting around all the same. Did they end because of money? I can’t really say on that either, although in 2018, I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s the thing with music; it’s a labor of love that we as a culture have somehow agreed to not put near enough capital behind, bemoaning it when we lose something excellent. But honestly, I’m not writing this to shame anyone for being broke (I know the feel) or to say you shouldn’t stream the hits or any of that, but to take a minute to marinate on the complexities of bringing a physical product into your hands; it’s always worth thinking about.

There were some dope bands on this label! Seluah, The Shipping News, The Fervor, Second Story Man… that list could keep going on! To pay a little tribute to the label, we put together a playlist of some of the hottest jams they put out. So dig in below. And if you want them to make a little money, maybe put these songs quietly on repeat for a few days and make them a little of that fat ass Spotify cash, while you’re at it.

Listen below.