SONG OF THE DAY: The Sleeping Bag – “Cortez the Killer”

Look, I’m probably going to give anyone points any time they play Cortez the Killer by Neil Young; if it’s good enough for Slint, then I’m all in. The thing is, even despite my pre-existing bias, I’m still impressed by this take by The Sleeping Bag, which really captures the core of what makes it such a great song, simplifying it to its base elements without losing anything.

Performed by the man behind Doug Campbell, the track is built on guitars, electro beats, and the static hum of an amp. Campbell’s wavering tenor is an ideal parallel to Young’s voice, both always on the point of cracking and breaking. It’s that vulnerability that punctuate the urgency of the message here, which attends to the burdens of regret, while sardonically taking a stand against tribalism and violence.

Listen below to a bedroom masterpiece.