LISTEN: JustNguyen – “Slow Wine”

I didn’t think I’d get to reference Reggaeton today, but here we are. There is an almost Nerdcore kind of deliver to who I assume is JustNguyen, a tenor sing/rap comedy, more one than the other, but the vibe of both. It’s clear that JustNguyen is definitely looking to make a name here as a club musician, and there is certainly evidence here that he has a good shot at that.

The production is rich and textured, with a lot of nuanced changes that are best served experienced through headphones. Backed by Nicholas “Moses” Ngong, who delivers the low end counterpoint to JN’s tenor, the two make for a nice juxtaposition of one another, and you can easily imagine them out on the town killing it. This is the kind of music you put on during any montage that includes a limousine, or at any time that you might have to throw money at someone literally, so keep that in mind going in.

Listen below and feel a little glamorous in its wake.