SONG OF THE DAY: BRXTN – “F*ck A Deal” Freestyle

I can’t even imagine how baller it must be to be able to freestyle on the fly, assuming that’s the case here as advertised. BRXTN is bringing his A-game to the word play on the track, if not necessarily in terms of the narrative (no new ground is broken here), then in terms of the delivery. There is an urgency to his voice that underscores his message, which is basically that he’s coming for all y’all haters out there, a feeling I think a lot of us can relate to in our own little ways.

Being able to spit those kinds of ciphers right out of the gate like that is confidence in action, it’s that 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell speaks about in Outliers, a mastery over your element by just doing it. You believe BRXTN and know that he means business when he says it; I’d hate to see his opponents in a battle rap. Or, I mean, I’d like to see that immediately.

This beat has a righteous bounce to it, so coast to this. Let those sweet ass subs just bath you in sonic goodness, like a basstronaut going to planet low end. Listen below and feel a little extra rad.