SHOW REVIEW: Jaye Jayle and Fotocrime at Zanzabar 5/15 [Video Included]

Tuesday nights aren’t typically the best nights for shows. — I dread them when I myself am on the road. This passed Tuesday May 15th at Zanzabar was a different story however. Seeing Jaye Jayle and Fotocrime together was something that I had been looking forward to for a month after seeing the flyer, and I was absolutely not disappointed.

Jaye Jayle played the darkest set I’ve ever seen at Z-Bar — not just musically, but also literally. Lead singer and guitarist Evan Patterson asked the folks running the stage area to turn all the lights off so the band could rely on small lamps attached to their mic stand. Adding to the aura, these little lights amplified what ended up being the best set I’ve ever seen the band play. They were incredibly tight and every song had a monumental impact on me as a musician, and a fan of music in general.

This was my first time seeing Fotocrime, and as you’d expect with a Ryan Patterson collective, they were absolutely badass. The three piece rocked through their set with little interruption. At one point, someone leaned over and said to me, “Post punk is not dead.” That statement is hard to deny while Fotocrime is melting your face. As I watched them, I was imagining them in a much larger situation, reminiscent of seeing New Order headlining Glastonbury

Needless to say, this was an epic Tuesday show. Jaye Jayle and Fotocrime are great examples of the diversity of stellar artists/bands that we have in this city. Check out the videos below for a taste of what I’m talking about.