SONG OF DAY: Austin X – “21” [produced by SL]

Austin X seems to be originally from Bowling Green, which definitely gives him a unique perspective, if only by virtue of growing up in a comparably rural area to Louisville. That said, there is definitely the kind of hubris part and parcel to the genre, that sort of swag on kung-fu vibe spitting rhymes about who is the most boss homie in the world, like that well is finite.

Still, there is a self-loathing here that certainly speaks to an underlying anxiety, as evidenced by the hook “they won’t even love me ’til I’m dead and gone.” That feeling of invisibility is perfectly relatable, even more so by the underdog tones implied by the posthumous realization of the emcees greatness. We’ve definitely all felt that alienation in one way or another, whether you’re from the city or not. Still, with a parting reference in “bringing Jesus into it,” certainly gives a little more southern feel to it, not that Christianity is restricted to these parts, but that it is more often than not imposed into conversation.

The only beef that we have here is the brevity of the track, but let that serve you as a taste of what’s to come, and bounce to this.