SONG OF THE DAY: Yons – “Going Round”

The Space Campaign is, as always, a thing to marvel at, especially with the production of Yons figuring heavily into the mix. Advertised as created without the benefit of any sampling, Yons proves that as ever he is an absolute treasure, not just in terms of hip-hop -local or otherwise- but as a musician. Listen carefully for the vocal hook tucked nicely into the background, a Mo’Town influenced R&B line that feels authentic to the core. And the horn section here… I just have no idea how he created it. Maybe he can play horns? Maybe these are synths? If it’s the latter, big ups for making them sound anything but corny, which is the hallmark of synthetic horns.

Taken as a whole, “Going Round” is a fucking blast to listen to, the kind of chilled out vibe that just makes you feel alright. Even if this remains instrumental, this feels like one of those joints perfect to coast to, roll the windows down, and just hit that breeze like everything is alright. As a sign to come, this only serves as further proof that Yons and the Space Campaign peeps are lined straight into fire, making some of the most compelling hip-hop in the region. If this doesn’t open your eyes to the power of Louisville hip-hop, I’m not sure what to tell you.

Listen below and flow with it.