REVIEW: Jonah Daneshmand – “Pocket Universe” EP

Jonah Daneshmand
Pocket Universe

Aside from his bass playing in Mother Runaway, I previously didn’t know much about Jonah Daneshmand. That changed quickly when his latest EP Pocket Universe arrived in the NN inbox, a collection of songs I had virtually no precedent on going in, which to be honest is a brutally refreshing way to be introduced to someone’s art. For better or worse, I got into my car, found the album on Spotify and pressed play.

The music on Pocket Universe borrows and melds from all sorts of indie rock subgenres, but collectively forges a unique sound that is prevalent from start to finish. At times I get a whiff of the up-beat fun loving aroma from Wavves, but before you know it the song might evolve into a thoughtful, vocally driven Inside of Emptiness-era John Frusciante melody. And then, when you least expect it, a perfumey fragrance reminds me of the clever art pop that Deerhunter was making on Halcyon Digest

While I enjoy all of the songs presented on Pocket Universe, there are two that really resonate with me personally. “Third Person”, which opens up with a swelling synth section draws me in before morphing into a well-crafted sing a long pop rock anthem. It’s hard not to tap your feet while trying to quickly learn the words and sing a long to this infectious melody. I’m also drawn to upbeat rocker “No Order”, a clever guitar driven fist pumper that is backed by more of that sweet, sweet synthesizer. The song maintains a fun-as-fuck attitude that never ends, making for an excellent addition to my personal party playlist.

It’s worth mentioning that Daneshmand performed and recorded Pocket Universe himself — with the exception of the beautiful guest vocals from Natalie Minton, this is all Jonah, all the time. 

Listen to Pocket Universe below or stream it on Spotify.