LISTEN: Horizontale – “Welcome to Treebark Town!”

Horizontale is back with another short collection of songs that plays like the score to a Gamecube game, a little clearer than the bit crushed Atari sounds of vintage systems, updated to the crystal clean midi sounds of the early and mid-90’s. With Welcome to Treebark Town!, Horizontale puts you in a friendly environment, replete with major key overtures and the kind of electronic flute solos that gave Link that swagger in the Ocarina of Time.

As such, by modern standards this feels timeless, like it’s tapping into something as archaic, but comforting, a relic one way or another. Listening to this, I’m expecting any moment now to be offered a side quest where I need to save a kid that’s been captured by goblins or something, and I’m here to tell you game is on; let’s do this.

Listen below: