NN PODCAST: The Hot Wires discuss their new record “Dark Energy”, the state of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Buddy Guy!

For the 45th episode of the Never Nervous Podcast, John King (from 37 Flood & Louisville Is For Lovers) and our own Jake Hellman met with the boys from The Hot Wires at Galaxie Bar for Vinyl Night. On this episode we listen to full tracks from The Hot Wires upcoming album Dark Energy. We also discuss Buddy Guy, the state of rock ‘n’ roll, and how their new record came together. To top it off we listen to a sick jam from Baby Bones, who will be joining The Hot Wires this Friday 5/18 for their album release at Zanzabar along with Adventure (go here for more details).

So turn your volume up to 12 and prepare for a rocking episode of The Never Nervous Podcast! 

WORTH MENTIONING: While the podcast has been dormant for a few months, we are officially back! We’ll be posting episodes on a regular basis, so if you haven’t already, subscribe to our show on iTunes! And if you’re feeling cheeky, give us a review. Preferably 5 stars, but we’re not trying to tell you how to live your life.

Also, we’d like to offer a special thanks to Galaxie Bar for providing us with a space to record.

And a very special thanks to Elliott Turton for providing us with a long overdue intro to the podcast!