INTERVIEW: Sultra Mathematiks talks CPHR DVN, diversity in hip-hop, & where to get the best mimosas!

Whether you know her as Sultra Mathematiks, half of the emcee duo in CPHR DVN, or Mimosa Mami, her newest alter ego, you know that she is ready to share her truth, no matter what form that might take. On her newest album, the aptly titled Mimosa Mami, she goes hard to get down, diving deep into the things that keeps her running. It’s kind of the perfect summer time record, and one that everyone should blast right now, because life is too short. You can listen to the album below and catch her performing with CPHR DVN this upcoming Saturday, at the Sun Stage at the Mighty Kindness Hoot, which they helped organize. We caught up with Sultra to ask what got her into hip-hop, female representation in the community, and what’s up with Kanye!

Never Nervous: Did you grow up with music in your life? Was anyone in your family into music? 

Sultra Mathematiks: My dad loved to sing and my uncle is a drummer, so music was a huge part of my life since I was a baby. I grew up listening to disco, Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Donna Summer, and Cesaria. My uncle had me listening to Parliament-Funkadelic and Kool and the Gang. If there were playlists back then mine would be all over the place.

NN: Relative to that, are they into what you do now? Do they object to any of the lyrical content or are they pretty laid back?

SM: I think my dad would have loved what I have created so far. 

“I think my dad would have loved what I have created so far.”

NN: What was your first project? Was it straight to CPHR DVN?

SM: Our first project was 2 songs produced by a friend we met in Hawaii while stationed there. CPHR DVN was how I started creating original music. Before that I sang in a rock cover band in high school and wrote poetry. When I met Wize it just clicked and we’ve been creating ever since.

NN: I hear a lot of haters out there that aren’t into female emcees. We’re not about that life here, but I’m curious how you deal with that bullshit in general?

SM: I used to get frustrated in the beginning. Then I just stopped giving a fuck and let the music speak for itself.

NN: Tell us about Mimosa Mami. What’s the story with that album? Why is now the time to hit us with a solo album?

SM: A few months back we were talking to DJ Shaheed about working on a project together and I just felt like why not a solo EP? So I got a couple of beats from Shaheed, several from Wize and my son Sol-Ra. One evening Sol and I started going over all the tracks and I basically wrote almost the entireEP that evening. I think Rose Gold set the tone for the whole project. I’ve always been known as Sultra from CPHR DVN, but I’ve grown and evolved… and this felt like the perfect time to show it. Mimosa Mami is still Sultra, but with her mimosa in hand, highlighter poppin, fly kicks, with zero fucks. It’s still love and light but you will catch these bars if you come incorrect.

NN: On that note, how do you think this differs from your work in CPHR DVN?

SM: It really doesn’t…it just accentuates the feminine perspective where in the CPHR DVN projects there’s more of a balance between me and Wize. This just was a chance to put the spotlight on me and also let’s me celebrate being a woman in hip hop.

NN: Is there any one theme to the album? From an outsider’s perspective, it seems to be all about living your best life, however that plays out. Is that off base? Is there even one theme for the whole thing?

SM: The theme is things I love: mimosas, rose gold, fly kicks, dope glasses, being sexy and savage, and basically being unapologetic about living life in a way that makes you happy.

NN: One song that stands out, if only in contrast, is Seasons, which is comparably melancholy. What can you tell us about that track? How did that come to be?<

SM: Seasons is my love letter to Wize. It talks about how we met when I was almost giving up on love, and how ufos and hip hop brought us together lol.

NN: Do you ever do your own production? If so, tell us about it. If not, have you ever thought to?

SM: I don’t produce, but I will add a bass line or other sounds to songs sometimes. I’ve thought about it but when you have a team where you can basically describe what you want and they create it why mess with that? I can contribute to our art in other ways.

NN: Speaking of production, how do you know when something is right for your project?

SM: Most times I know right away. Sometimes it’s after we record and play it along with the rest and decide nope that’s not going to work.

“The theme is things I love: mimosas, rose gold, fly kicks, dope glasses, being sexy and savage, and basically being unapologetic about living life in a way that makes you happy.”

NN: Who is the biggest boob in hip-hop right now, and why is it Kanye?

SM: To be honest, I’m not giving his shenanigans any energy. I believe your thoughts create your reality, which means that I have to be intentional with my thoughts if I want to meet certain goals and live a certain way.

NN: Where can we snag the best mimosas in town? I’m about that life.

SM: Wize makes the best mimosas but I’ve had really delicious mimosas at Ramsi’s Cafe on the World! They also make amazing non alcoholic cocktails now with cbd oil which is amazing for anxiety.

NN: Have you drank, eaten, watched, or read anything worth repping lately?

SM: Drink: the KY Mojo at Ramsi’s with cbd oil. Eats: the Buffalo salad at Morels which is an all vegan restaurant and the S’mores bar from Highland Coffee. I watched Traffik last night and that movie rocked my world. Human trafficking is real and as a woman just makes my soul hurt.

NN: Hit us with some sweet music recommendations. What’s your top three at this moment in town?

SM: I’m going to say look out for Sasha Renee, Tiara P, and if you get a chance to catch intelli G spinning you’re in for a treat! Also check out my good friend and DJ Kara who hosts Parallel Universe on 97.1 WXOX every Tuesday at midnight!