LISTEN: The Cut Family Foundation – “Hegelian Synthesis!”

Funk and prog-rock run, at least to my mind, directly in parallel to one another, with the primary difference being that while both want to take you on a journey, only funk is interested in that path leading to your ass shaking. Tapping into that prog-rock goodness here with Hegelian Synthesis!, the Cut Family Foundation crew are back to take you on a little trip into the heart of the sun, a psychedelic trek that would make Syd Barrett weep with the joy that his sonic madness took seed and flourished well into the next century.

This is a freak out jam that warbles and bubbles, a roiling sonic brew that refreshes your soul. You listen to this with black light posters up, with a room full of smoke, no matter how that was made, chilling out comfortably and thinking about the universe. This is cosmic goodness, an all pervasive aural hug that embraces you and takes you in.

Open your third and eye and align your chakras motherfunkers, and dig deep into your soul below.