WATCH: Rabbit on Acid – “It’s the Summertime”

Real talk: this is insane, but I’ve never had a problem with that. Rabbit on Acid is always just that, a psychotic kind of Lewis Caroll figure leading you into madness. Here, it’s less about just getting weird -although let’s not pretend that that isn’t a constituent component to the song here- but in having a lo-fi, electro rap summertime jam. As such, there is an early 90s Beck thing here, or even something like MC Chris, just unflinchingly nerdy and absolutely ready to fly that freak flag. There are clap tracks and magical synth sounds here, the underpinnings of a baroque and often bone dry vocal delivery. Those vocals are punctuated by a recurrent high-pitched voice, like a rabbit pixie whispering insane nothings into your ear.

The video sees the Rabbit on Acid ostensibly on vacation, flipping off the camera and chilling at the beach, bunny balling in the sun. Cups get filled, I’m hoping with water, but who knows and frankly, who cares? Maybe the subtle message here is to micro-dose on LSD, and if that’s your take away, I can totally understand. Maybe it’s just to let your hair down, say fuck it, and some keyboard beats take you to a distant land, the waves at your feet, a nice breeze in the air.

Watch it below and taste the rainbow.