SHOW REVIEW: Tall Squares & Mosquito were a rejuvenating boost at Mag Bar 5/4 [Photo Set Included]

I finally got to shoot again, y’all! Tall Squares and Mosquito are my two favorite Louisville bands now that Dick Titty Blood Punch is soon coming to an end. So the fact that they were playing a show together just in time for me to get my boot off and potentially start shooting again was an unknown opportunity to celebrate my ankle being at least mostly usable again!

I walked into Mag on Friday night nervous as all hell. I’d even almost backed out of going due to my anxiety about screwing it up. I knew Adam was super excited that I was not only going to be there, but also be shooting. The fear of letting everyone down including myself from being out of practice for so long was real af.

Tall Squares is an automatic love for me because of Adam as he’s become one of my better friends over the last year. This dude is genuine af too. We’ve often bonded from our mutual anxiety over our art, something as artists we will probably always struggle with. The fact that I hadn’t’ seen Tall Squares play until a show at Kaiju last month is absolutely ridiculous because this band is legit. I’ve always loved Adam’s vocals and clear happiness with playing. Ryan is always getting my envy because of his drumming skills, and Grant I’d never met until that night but he’s a twin and an awesome bassist. What more needs to be said? Also, be on the lookout for some upcoming work I’ll be doing with Tall Squares in preparation for their new album. Trust me, it’s gonna be awesome.

The first time I saw Mosquito, it was at Kaiju back in October. They were playing with Dick Titty Blood Punch and as soon as they came on, I immediately loved them. Their sound is fresh and fits in perfectly with the genres I love. “Contrary to Popular Relief” has recently become my theme song.

As a wannabe drummer, I always end up watching drummers the most, especially if I’m not shooting. So when I first saw Brian drumming and doing vocals, my respect for Mosquito was instantly sparked. Zach is a beast with that guitar and now I have the objective of getting his hands to not blur in any photos I take in the future of him. Watching Dave always makes me smile. He clearly has fun up on that stage and is an awesome bassist. My love for this band is in combination with these aspects as well as the general humbleness of each member. These are some really solid people, something that makes me want to shoot them every time they play, even outside of my love for their music. They’ve also been recording, so make sure you keep your fucking eye out for some awesomeness coming at ya from them.

As soon as I started shooting, I was happy. It’s like it always goes: I get really nervous, I hesitate to shoot, then get into the music, then start shooting, and then I get lost in it all. I’m so glad to be back, ya’ll. I couldn’t be more happy about that fact. I may not be able to move like I did before, but that’ll come with time. I’ve mostly happy with the photos I got. Having been lost for the last few months without shows, shooting, and skating, I’m back and happier than ever. Huge thanks to Tall Squares and Mosquito for being cool with me coming out to shoot. I’m so happy I could share my celebration with you alI. I love you guys.