LISTEN: Jordan Jetson – “My Shooter”

In case you needed a boost for your Broadway Cruising playlist, Jordan Jetson has a bangin’ new single just for you. “My Shooter” is the title of Jetsons’ latest track, and it was produced by Yons — the two have had a recent history of killer collaborations, most notably their 2016 EP Inner Space. As you’d expect, their latest joint effort doesn’t disappoint.

“My Shooter” is an infectious toe-tapper with a feel-good vibe that lyrically cites Jordan’s appreciation for his significant other, or as he refers to her: “My Shooter”. Supplement any good time with this single, that is if you’re into enjoying yourself to the fullest extent of human ability. The verses are dope, the hook is catchy as hell, and the dance-inducing beat is contagious enough infect even the worst sour puss with euphoric delirium. 

Listen to “My Shooter” below via Spotify, preferably at a high volume with the windows down.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, I’m aware that Broadway cruising has been banned (bogus!), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the essence of what was once a good time, right?