SONG OF THE DAY: GRLwood – “Vaccines Made Me Gay” & “Communicate with Me”

So yeah, I realize that it’s “song” singular and that I picked two, but deal with it, because this is a package deal. GRLwood continue to absolutely slay shit, not just musically, but aesthetically, with the best titled single around with the best album art. This song is amazing. The way that guitarist/vocalist Rej Forester and drummer extraordinaire Karen Ledford fill up space is righteous to the extreme, such that the absence of outside instrument never feels missed. Forester is a helluva a guitarist and has no qualms with shredding like a champ, screaming to the beat, and shouting at the sun. Ledford’s playing is so tuneful, a balancing act that employs dynamic shifts and tonal drumming to its fullest potential. Vaccines Made Me Gay is an absolute barnburner and is followed by post-rock ballad Communicate with Me, that channels an almost Shipping News or Shannon Wright vibe. This is an incredible collection of tracks, the perfect compliments to one another.

But don’t take my word for it, blast this immediately. Play this as loud as your ears can handle and revel in sonic glory.