PLAYLIST: Warm Weather in Louisville

At fucking last, after what has felt like the most brutal winter that would never end, it now seems evident that warm weather is finally here to stay for months ahead in Louisville. To celebrate, I made a playlist via Spotify featuring 50 homegrown songs with a chilled out vibe that will collectively enhance any beautiful day in the Derby City. The title of this playlist is Warm Weather in Louisville — not the most thought provoking title, I know — and it showcases a ton of music new and old from a plethora of genres, with each song being certifiably excellent.

Utilize this collection of laid back tunes while relaxing in your back yard, kicking back a beer while soaking in the sun. Or maybe you’d prefer to listen to these songs through headphones while casually strolling up and down Frankfort Avenue. Shit, you may even prefer to stream it indoors with the windows open while doing your chores. Either way, I hope this playlist enhances your mood and only makes your day better.

Listen below, or stream/follow on Spotify (preferably on random).

WARNING: This playlist was created using Spotify, so this selection is admittedly very limited. While there are heaps of awesome songs/albums on other platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music, physical only releases, etc.) this seemed to be the easiest, quickest way to put this together. If you don’t use Spotify, I’m sorry. If your favorite Louisville band/artist isn’t represented on this playlist, it’s probably because A.) We haven’t heard it or B.) It ain’t on Spotify or C.) I made this playlist in like an hour. Deal with it.