NBA PLAYOFFS: First Round Highlight Videos + Stats from former Cards Mitchell, Rozier & Dieng

Like a lot of folks in Louisville, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of the first round of this year’s NBA Playoffs. We’ve all enjoyed watching the breakout performances from Donovan Mitchell and Terry Rozier, and as usual we’ve loved watching seasoned vet Gorgui Dieng do his thing. To celebrate this trio of Cardinal greats, I figured it’d be appropriate to keep track of each player’s stats and highlights from round to round.

How’d they do? In the opening roun we watched our former guards lead their teams to the next series, while our heralded center went down in flames.


There’s no question that Mitchell has become the greatest rookie out of Louisville in the modern era of the NBA. After a stellar rookie campaign, Spida has gone on to have himself quite the playoff run. In 6 games, the Utah Jazz knocked off the Houston Rockets 4-2 as Mitchell averaged 28.5 points, 7.2 assists and 2.7 rebounds per game. Moving on, Donovan and company will face off against the Houston Rockets, a team that many perceive as being the best team in the NBA.


Like a lot of Louisville fans, my favorite part of watching the 7-game series between the Celtics and the Bucks was watching Rozier and former UK Wildcat Eric Bledsoe go toe to toe. After a heated battle, Scary Terry and the C’s came out on top moving on to play the Philadelphia 76er’s. In 7 games, Rozier averaged 17.6 points, 6.7 assists and 4.3 rebounds.


It was no surprise when we watched the Minnesota Timberwolves succumb to the Houston Rockets (4-1). Having said that, our man Gorgui had a decent series as he played in all 5 games and averaged 14 minutes, 3.4 points, 3.6 rebounds, .8 assists and .8 blocks.

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