WATCH: Meridian Signals – “Something Old Something Neu!”

Meridian Signals, the intermittently used alias of the mighty Michael C. Powell, is all about atmosphere, not just in creating that environment, but in transporting you there. As such, there is a definitive Boards of Canada vibe to the music here that bears comparison, not exclusive to the use of public broadcasting samples, but to the relaxing, lo-fi basement trip-hop of the music. With Something Old Something Neu!, Powell casts a spell that draws you in and carries you away, whimsical and bordering on pop-friendly, in the best, most delightful way. That’s not to say that there are bubblegum aspects to the music, as it skews ever-so-slightly towards melancholia, but never to the extent that the music seems sad or blue. In fact, part of the beauty of Powell’s work is that it generally serves to reflect your own mood, while somehow remaining pensive and a bit aloof. 

The accompanying video features stock footage, perfectly mirroring the cultural ephemera that serves simultaneously here as sample source and inspiration. City scenes race by, placing you on that same train, looking out the window as life seems to move around you. For anyone that’s had to ride the bus to school or take mass transit, that window seat is mission critical, and allows for a particular kind of headphone accompanied meditation. Watch below and smash that like button. Tell your friends too, because they ought to know how many boss jams we have coming out of the city.