LISTEN: Yung Beezy – “No Looking Back”

A new old banger from 2016, Yung Beezy hit us with “No Looking Back”, a track about keeping your eyes on the prize, and not giving into the toxicity of misplaced nostalgia or regret. Yeah, we can all learn from our mistakes, to grow and evolve from that, but for so many of us, it gets easy to get bogged down in your own memories, spinning your wheels on what was, rather than what is. As such, there is a kind of taoist zen to the track here, a bit melancholic when juxtaposed between the lyrics and music, but all the same a meditative thinker. The beat here is a trap classic that weaves and bobs, demanding you to nod along with it, contemporary to 2 Chainz or Migos.

You can spin this up and dig deep into it below, and get started moving forward.