LISTEN: GRLwood – “Bisexual” [New record on the way via sonaBLAST!]

Self-described as a duo of “Kentucky fried queerdos”, GRLwood have quickly made a name for themselves for their rambunctious take on punk rock and their wild live performances around the region. After self-releasing a few demos over the course of the last year or so, the band recently announced their debut full-length Daddy which will be released sometime in the near future via sonaBLAST! Records.

“Bisexual” is the name of the first single from the upcoming LP, and holy shit, it’s fucking fantastic. The song itself is an infectious punk rock toe-tapper with a surf vibe, perhaps a heavier take on The B-52’s, but instead of the quirky vocals from Kate Pierson, you’ve got Rej Forester’s raging voice that goes from quiet talky whimpers to screeching howls on a dime. There’s a hooky quality to it too, making for the perfect soundtrack for a bitchin’ party — I could totally see those punks in Return of the Living Dead blasting this on that boombox they carry around town.

I’d heard this song before, but this new cleaned up version is a major step up in production and overall sound quality. Check it out for yourself below via Spotify, then add it to your Summer 2018 playlist right away.

For more on GRLwood, read our recent interview with Rej and Karen here, then listen to our conversation via the Never Nervous Podcast here.