SONG OF THE DAY: Nacirema – “Communication Cocaine”

One half of the fiercest emcee duo in Skull Avalanche, Nacirema has long proven to be a bit of a cipher, a mystery figure in the local hip-hop scene, almost like a Rap Spiderman, popping up when you’d least expect and spitting clever lines. Like his previous work, Nacirema is pure grit, firing into the sky with the kind of harshness that put Cannibal Ox or El-P on the map, that grimy Def Jux street fight that feels unflinching and earned.

There is more than a little Atmosphere vibe here, or maybe even Aesop Rock, albeit from a colloquial level tonally speaking; maybe his truth is ugly, but it’s honest. The production has an early Wu-Tang feel, a nice little shuffle to the beat, but plenty of hip-hop edge to keep it flowing. If this is the shape of what’s to come, I’m ready to see the full picture.

Listen below and feel this shit.