MUSIC VIDEO: Jon Driver – “Coconut”

Perhaps more than any other song that I’ve heard lately and certainly more so than anything that’s graced my ear recently, “Coconut” by Jon Driver is an incredibly self-referential, self-aware track. On a superficial level, the track tells the story of itself, how it’s written, why it’s written, a snapshot of an artist trying to freeze time. Pulling back some, there is a meta-commentary here on the relationship between art and artist, mainly on the time that we all wish we had to spend with and working on the things that we truly love, whether that’s writing a song, or in the case of Driver here, spending time with his wife.

Stripping away the basic, insular conceit of the inward facing monologue, this is a track that digs especially deep into a subject as timeless as it gets, the sort of poetry that would make Shakespeare blush with pride. Everyone and anyone can appreciate juggling the complexities of life with a broader spiritual connection to what you love, and Driver really nails it.

The video here adds yet another layer to the stripping down of the song, showing Driver performing the constituent bits of the track on each instrument. It’s nice to see him working with the instrumentation he has, which for gearheads is certainly indicative of well-within-your means; these aren’t fancy pieces of equipment, but they make damn fine sounding music. To that end, Driver carefully balances what could be a trite emo number, at least at first blush, with a deeper humanity, very much like the Dismemberment Plan at the absolute peak of their game, a post-post punk bluster as filtered through indie-pop sensibilities, and it really works.

Watch below and prove him wrong that he could get a few more hits on his video.

ALSO THIS: Like this song? Download it via Jon Driver’s Bandcamp page. You’re welcome.