SONG OF THE DAY: Rachel Grimes – “Moving Into Night”

Rachel Grimes is and continues to be an absolute treasure, elevating even the very best of us to push ourselves musically regardless of genre. Here, Grimes delivers a score for the film The Doctor From India, which recalls the very best of Harold Budd or Philip Glass, titans in their own regard, who use the space between the notes and natural ambience to paint a picture. This is an incredibly serene peace, calming and ruminative, a meditation on life. You can easily imagine yourself in a field, birds chirping around you, the smell of grass and a warm breeze on your neck. This is blissful and glorious and I cannot wait to hear more of this recording.

Listen below and let Grimes guide you. And know that even though this is likely already a wonderful film based solely on her desire to work on the project, it’s elevated still by her presence.