LISTEN: Dillon McCluskey – “Mirage”

Dillon McCluskey continues his evolution with his newest EP, the all too brief Mirage. The track highlights an improved McCluskey, who here has stepped up his game; I’m glad he’s sticking with it and upping his game. The raps are solid and his flow has an especially angular feel, staccato and tight to the beat, which adds a nice counter-rhythm. There are hints then of Bone Thugs N Harmony, minus that kind of nasally quality they have to their voice, and certainly much less manic in the delivery.

McCluskey lets the beat breath, working well as a compliment both to his producers and his guest emcees, which features Rev. J Boogie, TrapKingKai & 2K Fev. It’s a solid lineup that really works well with his new music and shows off his growth as an artist. The only misstep here, and I’m usually not one to harp on the more problematic areas of music, is that there is some kind of compression problem on the first track that messes with the volume, or maybe just how you perceive the volume of the overall track. It’s good to hit those problems though, as something to learn from. The track itself is dope, I just wish I could hear it without any audio problems.

Listen below and dig it.