MUSIC VIDEO: Tez of 2Deep – “Wind for Me”

Y’all, Tez has me feeling old af here, trying to figure out if he goes by Tez or Tez of 2Deep, like some hapless Pee Paw just trying to sort out what the kids are on about. I’m guessing that Tez is in a group named 2Deep, but all of this really speaks to an ignorance here that I’d like to rectify; whether he’s a solo artist or part of a larger group, I want to know more.

The track here is oh-so-lovely — an R&B number that enumerates the reasons that he admires his sweetheart. While that can easily dip into some ugly territory very quickly, Tez never feels anything less than genuinely enthused to say nice things about the woman who’s attention he seeks, never disparaging her, and admiring her for who she is, not what he would hope her to be. The music is gentle and has a solid hook, with the video even showing folks vibing out to it. You definitely nod to this, you hug your sweetie, and let the breeze hit you.

Watch below and get into it.