NN PODCAST: Sean ‘Thriller’ Smith gets hyped with Jake about Wrestlemania 34 [PART1]!

Are you excited for Wrestlemania 34? Of course you are! And to get you properly pumped for pro wrestling’s most prestigious annual event, Jake is joined by the man, the myth — Sean “Thriller” Smith from the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast. The two met up at The Smithsonian to record a pair of special crossover episodes, and today we’re super stoked to share PART 1 with you!
Listen to these two super fans talk about their favorite wrestling memories, the best blonde hair/brown beard combination in the business, the matches they’re most looking forward to, a breakdown of the wrestlers they love, and of course the wrestlers they love to hate. You’ll hear these two nerds discuss picking dudes up in any possible position, crying on the Jake “The Snake” documentary, Sean’s grandma hating Chris Jericho, and the good brothers make their predictions on who will be leaving Wrestlemania victorious!
Freak out, Freak out — the Nervous and The Wildlings are taking over the Podcast Planet, and it just might blow your 24 inch guns out on this week’s episode of the Sean Vs. Wild Podcast!

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