EXCLUSIVE: Sweet Celebrities and Swag Derby Fun Tips from Never Nervous!

We have risen, y’all! The Never Nervous crew got on it this year and did a little deep digging for those sweet, sweet Easter Eggs of goodness to give our peeps, and here we are. What’s got us all riled up? We’ve finally got the scoop on our arch rivals the Courier Journal with all the celebrity happenings in Louisville this Spring for Derby time, when only the finest celebrities roll through town. And we are in for an absolute fucking treat this year, the kind that will make Jesus rise from the grave next month AGAIN and ball out at the Derby in style. Who wouldn’t want to return from the dead to party with Joey Fatone!? Check out our list of celebrities haps below and try to keep up with all the action!

Sweet Derby things that will keep Louisville Weird:
A hologram of Vern Troyer that can both get drunk and feel pain!
The world’s first Breast Milk Ice Cream truck. It’s gluten free and soy based!
A meet and greet with Anthony Scaramucci at the Jerry’s in Okolona on Thurby
That thing where we all get together and egg Mitch McConnell’s house
Sunday morning post-Derby hangover brunch at the gravesite to Jim Varney
Will they, won’t they? Will Carrot Top and Chyna finally tie the knot?
Ian Ziering
Join Snooki at the abandoned Appleby’s for a pop up Escape Room romp!
Pitbull and Ruben Studdard rock the waterfront!
Throw darts at Lena Dunham!

This derby promises to have it all!