The #1 reason Louisville fans should be excited about Chris Mack is BILL MURRAY!

At last, Louisville fans have a legitimate reason to celebrate: Chris Mack is officially the new UofL basketball head coach. Personally, I’m excited about this hire for a multitude of reasons. For starters, I love the way he coached Xavier’s pick and roll offense and the enthusiastic swagger he brings to the program. I love the sort of players he recruits, his style of play and his firm, winning attitude that he consistently emanates.

While everything mentioned above is nice, let’s get real. The number one reason that Louisville fans should be elated in the hiring of Chris Mack is the fact that one of his assistants (Luke Murray) is the son of none other than Bill Murray. Yeah, that’s right. As GZA said in Coffee and Cigarettes, “Bill Ground Hog Day, Ghostbustin’ ass Murray”. As we’ve seen the last few years, Father Murray has been spotted multiple times rooting on his son as the Musketeers supporting coach.

What does that mean for Louisville Basketball? Well, expect to see Peter Venkman in the flesh at a few home games as he did at Xavier in support of his up and coming assistant coach of a son. Shit, you may even see him shooting hoops at Cherokee Park, considering that I’ve heard many stories of him joining pick up games around town while filming Stripes back in the 80’s.

Go ahead and celebrate Louisville fans. After the last three years of pain and turmoil, you’ve earned it!

Photoshopped photo of Peter Venkman by Jake Miller.