SHOW REVIEW: Lightning Bolt & Anwar Sadat gave us a fabulous headache at Headliners 3/26 [Video Included]

It’s rare that we even want to leave the house on a Monday night, but here we all were, kicking it to some of the most intense music in and around this city. Since we were all at the show, we figured we’d give you a little something extra. Below you’ll get accounts from many of us, detailing what got us riled and why at the Lightning Bolt/Anwar Sadat show on Monday. You can sample some of the set below via a few of the live performances, and click on those links for a little extra TLC for your brain nuggets. Read on, top dawgs.

Syd Bishop had this to say about the show…
Goddamn Anwar Sadat, please don’t hurt ’em. The band has gone through several evolutions over the years, from the powerful and lithe post-punk of their earliest recordings to the visceral bite of their newest. Now a quintet, Anwar Sadat are perhaps more than ever at the top of their game, adding more, but working on an almost subliminal level to give one another space. They have a sound that seems all too familiar, a dark and brooding Joy Division-esque vibe, but one as filtered through the harshest industrial. How they can somehow balance melody and the kind of riffs that make you want to take up kick-boxing and start street fighting is beyond me; getting rowdy has never sounded this good.

Singer Shane Wesley was an absolute beast. Later learning that he was suffering from a sleep deficit, you would have never, ever known that on stage. He cut an imposing figure on a stage fitted with such, every member a menacing presence in one way or another, from the lumbering and monolithic bass played by their newest member, or the wall of noise shared expertly between guitar and keys. When he jumped into the crowd at the end, it just made sense. This is a band to be reckoned with.

The folks at Headliners did a great job of curating the evening, with the show starting relatively on time, and the music between sets a nice, kind of chill pace. I mean, hell, they played my favorite era of Fugazi, and things were alright.

Lightning Bolt were in many ways frightening. They were so loud that you could feel it in your teeth, making a cacophonous and pounding squalor that threatened your sanity. Watching singer/drummer Brian Chippendale Phil Collins-it on stage with that fucking horror show of a mask was something else too, I tell you. It was like he skinned a muppet and was singing through it’s corpse, which is so much scarier than I’d have imagined. Did I mention they were loud? Goddamn. I think my tinnitus has tinnitus.

They played for a very long, very intense amount of time, rarely falling into a groove for long, pummeling your sense with breakneck beats, distorted and heavily pitched bass guitar, and so much delay that there still might be notes reverberating around Headliners as we speak. What they offered was definitely a tactile event, and something I doubt anyone will forget soon.

Also chiming in is guest writer Aaron Hartley…
Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson, the two men who make up Lightning Bolt, are a force of nature. How only two people can make so much noise and play so spastically for such an extended period is beyond comprehension. Their performance at Headliners Monday night was one marked by energy, catharsis, and decibels. Glad I brought a pair of ear plugs.

Watch a pair of videos we shot of each band below: