MUSIC VIDEO: Nick B – “Up and Away” (ft. Goodbar, Allen Poe & Jordan Jetson)

For anyone keeping score, the Louisville hip-hop scene is and has remained fire for years now. If everyone else hustled half this hard to steadily release solid jams, well, Hell, we all do what we can. It’s not a contest. What I’m saying here, maybe not quite as articulately as I’d like, is that Nick B has not only returned with the fire and urgency that put him on the map to begin with, but he brought with him a trio of emcees on top of their game.

Goodbar remains a vital element in the scene, kicking the verse off in high gear, followed by Allen Poe in rare form. Here, he’s somehow even more his chill ass self, all swagger and killer verses. And damn, Jordan, don’t hurt em’. Seriously, the interplay between Jetson’s verse and Nick B’s production is fucking tight, a masterclass in how its done. This track, which is now available on most streaming services  is classy and fun with a good energy and verve that keeps you pumped the whole way through. And we get to debut it, which is absolutely awesome.

The accompanying video features Nick B and a choir of straight ballers on the roof in the cold winter sun, singing to the heaven’s like they’re cooler than being cool, just ice cold feeling it. It’s a funny juxtaposition to the emcees, suited up and hanging out in a hallway, snug as a bug. Pee-paw here feels that; let’s get some warmth in those bones, y’all. Of course that excludes Jetson, who busts out the boss sweater and takes to the riff to spit his fire. It’s a fun video that does a great job showcasing our city in all it’s splendor, both musically and aesthetically. 

“Up and Away” is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and Google Play. Watch the video below and flip your shit a little bit.