REVIEW: Greyhaven – “Empty Black”

Empty Black
Equal Vision

Currently on tour with Norma Jean, our very own Greyhaven have released Empty Black, a ten-track album. I shot them last year at Deadfest ’17 and immediately became impressed by this group. The energy they produce in their stage presence alone is enough to warrant some attention, even if their music isn’t something you’re usually bobbing your head to.

“Mortality Rate” is definitely one of my favorite tracks. It induces the very minor head banging that I am privy to on a regular basis – sorry, I really just don’t like headaches. However, this small bang of the head is how I know I’m enjoying the music, for real. I don’t even notice when I start doing it, but when I do I immediately smile or write down the track name and artist.

Honestly, I was highly annoyed with life and work-related things when I started listening to this album – which was probably the best thing I could have done. I broke my ankle back in January at roller derby practice, which has left me bed ridden for two months and hating every minute. This album gave me a sweet release in terms of anger and resentment for this stupid ankle injury, something I vastly needed.

With several fast, energy packed tracks building up to “White Lighters”, it became a break in the uneasy feelings it had forced me to pay attention to. The drums are my favorite part of this song. A steady beat leading to a sudden burst and then back to steady again. Absolutely beautiful in my novice drummer ears. The vocals are equally as beautiful. “So come when daylight breaks, can’t remember where it all went wrong.” That lyric broke me to tears quickly.

This album gives me everything I expect from a progressive rock band. I highly recommend putting some headphones on and zoning the world out with this album, especially if you need that release from life’s annoyances.

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