LISTEN: BigMoney Taj – “Dust”

There is an energy to “Dust” by BigMoney Taj reserved for the young, all unearned ego and big dreams. There is a charm in the music here though, if you can dig a little beneath the surface, under the bluster and pride, there is an artist learning their chops and putting it out there for the world to see. The push and pull between the music and the lyrics paint a particular image, the downtrodden artist, out there hustling to get heard, a hint of melancholy punctuated by refrains of bald ambition and at times. That’s neither here or there, but the general narcissism of hip-hop, that blanket broadcast of “I’m the best,” which never fails to sound like a projection against some creeping insecurity.

It’s here that I would challenge BigMoney Taj or any other emcee to roll with that feeling, and just let it out; you can be a bad motherfucker and still doubt yourself (just watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi for proof). For whatever reason there is something about the music here, whether it’s the delivery or hearing him talk about his struggles, that inspires a belief in that sincerity and a hope for more, a portrait of an emcee evolving.

Listen below and hear it for yourself. When this dude moves on from the club and sweating sex and stuff, I think he’ll have something interesting to say.  But I hope that “bitch” bullshit gets dropped too, because I promise you if you’re looking for ladies (and the song sounds like that’s the deal), that’s going to be a tough row to hoe with all that.