LISTEN: Katton – “Harmonic Encounter” Original Video Game Soundtrack

Positioning ambient music in space can be difficult, assuming that you look for some functionality in your sonic experiences. With Harmonic Encounter OST, Katton take you on a catatonic journey through a liminal space, transitory and ephemeral, a series of drones simultaneously disconnected and interconnected, modular in the same way that Eluvium constructs his Shuffle Drones, which exist to be sequenced in their own space.

Katton thread a fine line here between engendering a specific, and often dour mood, and allowing an opportunity to reflect what the listener feels. There are moments that recall the very best of Pan•American or even a (comparably) busy Brian Eno, if only by virtue of the presence of sparse drum machines. While I can’t speak to the quality of the video game that this identified with, this is a remarkable, if short, release that will stick with you, a la Martin Stig Anderson’s work on Limbo.

Check it out below and get lost.