LISTEN: Deadpanned – “Lagtime”

Another addition to the burgeoning field of would be producers, Deadpanned certainly has a unique style that blends the hazy, dreamscape sounds that recall the now modern day classic works of DJ Shadow or Massive Attack, updated here with a bouncy chip-tunes inflected indie vibe with more than a little Autechre-esque meandering. This is hip-hop by way of Kranky Records, time stretched and chopped like a sentient CD skipping to its own beat.

The music here is catchy and sample heavy, although as a collage bit of work, Deadpanned does much to distort his figures in a way that blends Vaporwave and an almost crunk sensibility, a pastiche of genres wholly unique here to his music. This is an onion to be peeled and, I suppose, savored, endlessly fascinating and inviting to repeated visits to uncover a myriad amount of samples and sounds mutated into something fresh as hell.

Listen below and get lost in a sea of sounds and fresh ass beats.